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DesktopWeb FormText   why i suck as an MVPWed, 04 Feb 2004 19:00:59 GMT # 

i'm a Tablet MVP, and i'm no good at it. serious; but let me take a step back. this was my 1st (probably last) time to be an MVP. my opinion is that there are a couple way to become one. 1) answer newsgroup questions. create your own FAQ and answer the same old questions over and over again, because people dont know how (or are too lazy) to search newsgroups using i believe this is the primary way to become one; same goes for listservs and web forums, but less so. 2) run a poodle. by 'poodle', i mean portal. keep it updated with new article links, run a discussion forum, etc... this seems to be the newer way to become one. 3) early adopter. this is how i got it. wrote the only articles about developing for tablets when the SDK first came out, over a year ago. so when you are one of the few public developers, they basically have no choice but to pick you :) ... and now why i suck: when i am working, i'm under NDA, and dont get to make that code public; not to mention i've had no professional work with Tablets. so i can only talk about the stuff i do on my off hours. and if i'm going to code for fun, i'm going to code whatever i want. this has me jumping around to many different technologies. so my varied interests aren't likely to fit any pigeonhole. foresaw this happening when i was asked if i would accept being an MVP. technically, accepting an MVP award is based on past work only, and nothing else is expected of you ... but i dont think that is really the case. now what is probably going to happen is that the award will expire, and then i'll get some new ideas, and start cranking out Tablet articles again :)