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DesktopWeb FormText   same sex marriageFri, 27 Feb 2004 17:03:30 GMT # 

i really dont give a damn. if you want to get married, then get married. its not like marriage means anything anymore anyways. 50% chance of divorce; i'd rather just flip a coin. let me break this down. if 2 guys wants to get married, that takes 2 men off the market and means more women for me. i'm assuming this would be the most common scenario, since media has been pushing gay men for some time now. i would prefer that they start pushing lesbianism. now let me break that down. two HOT women that like each other are lesbians. two UGLY women that like each other are dykes (what i learned in college). i am pro lesbians. there should be more of them. the media should start pushing it more. i would buy a TV if they did. dykes should be allowed to get married, lesbians should not. that would hopefully leave more lesbians in non monogamous relationships, and give me more chances for MFF threesomes. the only problem then is determining if a couple is a dyke or lesbian couple. could be handled by; but looking at other peoples ratings, i think that most people judging that site have been drinking. if we could get past that, then the only problem would be the weird dyke/lesbian couples. my current belief is that you let them get married, because there is a good chance they'll divorce; and then the lesbian will be back on the market. as a heterosexual, i'm thinking that marriage is pretty lame anyways. why do same sex people want it. i'm all for monogamy and being with somebody you love, but getting the marriage certificate seems like a waste of effort. they are already non-conformists, so why do they want to conform now? my preference would be to be in a loving relationship with a women, until death and all that, but skip the whole marriage BS. its not necessary. borrowing from the same sexers, the whole life partner thing doesnt seem bad; opposite sex mind you, for the misquoters. of course i realize a female will pussy whip me into marriage, but that is beside the point.