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DesktopWeb FormText   summit updateThu, 08 Apr 2004 06:00:06 GMT # 

this is one of those moments of clarity (of course i've been drinking). i know i should not type this ... but too bad. 1st off: embedded guys dont care much for compact framework guys. they are seen as application developers that cant do drivers and related. as possibly a CF guy now, we're not the bottom of the food chain. the mobility guys are. anyways, i talked to all the groups, and that is the feeling i walked away with. 2nd, the blonde really did not like me. the brunette did though. she called me cute when i was talking to the embedded guys (no, they never kissed)? maybe she meant that it was cute that i was trying to hang out with the top of the food chain? my hypothesis is that the embedded guys think they are king shit because they have more room to create (OS image, hardware, drivers). the CF guys get to create stuff that is missing from the full framework and the application themselves. and the mobile guys just get to bitch about what everybody else created. hmmm