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passed with an 874. this was the web app one, which is funny because i dont do web form apps (unless they involve naked ladies). the problem is that rob howards group is making web sites TOO EASY to create. any monkey can make a web app nowadays. and everybody calls themselves a web developer. that means there is too much comp and not enough money in that space. back to the test. i studied over the last week from the MsPress guide. just read through it, didnt bother with any of the labs. that, plus 3 years of doing .NET. the book went over some grunt work stuff that i would have missed, like deployment; so it was worth reading for some of those gimme answers. everybody talks about transcenders, but i dont want to pay for them. might give one a shot, to see what i'm missing, if i fail one of the other tests on my own. what really pissed me off was that the test did not show me what i missed. understand not showing the answers to people that fail, but i passed (and paid $125) so make me an even better developer, and show me the correct answers! its not like i'm going to study some more and go back until i get it perfect. nope, i'm going to rest on my passing score. hell, think i'm a certified MCP (or something like that) now? the next recruiter that calls is not going to hear the end of it. i'll be like, "you dont need to hear my experience, i passed the test, what more do you want?" recruiters are the primary reason i'm getting certified. about 1/3 i talk to ask about MCAD or MCSD, and have no clue about MVP. that has been the only negative in our conversations, so i'm just filling in that checkbox. just a trial-and-error experiment to amuse myself