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DesktopWeb FormText   70-316Fri, 14 May 2004 01:17:18 GMT # 

passed with an 830 something. not happy with the score, but it's still a W in the win column. the score sheet shows that i totally tanked the 'creating user services' section and aced the rest. not happy with my study guide for this one. used the MsPress book like i did for the web app test. the web study guide was certainly thicker, and i picked up a couple 'gimme' answers from it. while reading this book, all i got was a false sense of security. was like 'i know all this crap'; so i made a 3 day turnaround to take this one. probably would have made the same score without studying at all. will try a study guide from a different publisher for the web services test, which will be next. these tests are a bit odd. know most of the answers flat out, with no 2nd guessing. a few of them expose my intellisense crutch when they have 2 similarly named answers for a method or property name. thats just being cruel. there was one question today that i had absolutely no clue about. some obscure UI thing. so i started going down my list of test taking strategies. tried to weed out the answers that were definitely wrong. the problem was all the answers were related. if i discounted one answer for a certain reason, then all of them got tossed out. resorted to eenie meenie miney moe (sp?)