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feed the machine. if you are working out hard, then you have to eat the right things to support that. this knocks atkins out the door, because it wont let you get a balanced meal. not to mention mr atkins was fat. carbs are great energy, energy that you can use to workout and gain muscle. what matters is when you eat those carbs. e.g. carbs right before bed is stupid because that energy will not get burned and it will become fat. eat your carbs at breakfast or lunch. i reserve protein, green veggies, and dairy for evening. fruits and veggies are great. somebody said 'have you ever heard of somebody getting fat off of them?'. me neither. to get enough, i have to eat them all day. fruits mostly in the morning because of the sugar, and veggies towards the evening. protein is required all day just so i can get enough. its somewhat impossible for a weight lifter to get too much protein. cut out the coffee and soda as another thing, caffeine makes the bones weak. also, for those calories, wouldnt you rather be eating something instead? water is life, and muscle needs alot of it. the no calorie thing is just a great bonus. if you are drinking alot of water too, then your body will stop storing as much, so you will get leaner. that brings up something about creatine. some creatine powders will end up putting a layer of water weight on you. used to add about 5+ pounds of water to me, that would go away when i stopped taking it. dont get that side effect with creatine clear. so i am wary of carbs and sugars, but i still eat them; but mostly in the beginning of the day. the body needs protein to build itself back up at night, so that is what it gets. as posted earlier, the lots of small meals throughout the day thing seems to really work. you will want smaller portions and your energy level will remain constant. the only hard part is sticking to it within our 3 meal culture. which brings up, you have to eat breakfast. you will need that energy later on in the day, and it gets your metabolism going to burn calories. so i dont diet in the traditional sense. if you starve yourself you are going to lose fat and muscle. so then you are a skinny wimp. the new methodolgy requires that you gain muscle to help you burn off that fat. this is how bodybuilders (lots of muscle) are able to get so lean. to support that, you have to eat. you just have to be careful what you eat and when you eat it. personally, i dont want to lose weight. i want to stay the same, and just trade fat for muscle. all that being said ... cheat day! once a week, you should eat whatever you want. i do this because it is fun. but the logic is that if you keep everything low fat, then your body will start hoarding the small amount of fat that you do supply it. if you shock it once a week, then it is supposed to remind your body to keep up the work. also, it is supposed to be a reward for your will power through the rest of the week. if you really want that donut one day, skip it and have one on cheat day instead.