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DesktopWeb FormText   aftermarket radio ideasFri, 14 May 2004 06:24:29 GMT # 

[cant sleep] my car radio makes the car. all i care about the car is that it is reliable and gets me from point A to B ... and that it can carry speakers. loud bass is my sort of 'music that soothes the savage beast' bit. current setup is an mp3 cd player with 2 amps. 1 of those amps is dedicated for subs along with a cap for extra power. the best thing about my sub amp is that it has a wired dial on it. mounted the dial next to where i rest my hand while driving for easy access. with this setup, i can max out my amp settings in the trunk, and then adjust the bass song by song. this is a must have. it allows you to tweak each song for the right amount of bass. end up using this bass dial more than the actual controls on the radio itself. it also allows me to cut off the bass if a cop drives by. now for ideas i want to see implemented (a friend of mine from pittsburgh helped flesh out these ideas) ... IBS. instant bass switch. aftermarket car radios should have a button to send a pure bass note to the speakers. the scenario is ... i'm at a stop light playing some mellow music. then some punk kid rolls up next to me trying to bass. instead of trying to switch songs real quick, i could press the IBS and let them know what i'm carrying. this would also replace my horn since my car horn is really weak. could just bass at people when they cut me off in traffic. next up is the Defcon system. my car is as loud as it needs to get. if i want to talk to somebody in my passenger seat, i can only turn the volume up to 1 or 2 ... it goes up to 80. an average bass session has the volume up to 8. 15 starts to get uncomfortable. the bass is usually dialed down to around 25 to 50%. so my car has alot more bass left in it. the defcon system would show this. basically it would record the level of your car at its loudest into memory. then as you drove around it would show your defcon system on the rear window or something. if you had your car at its loudest, then it would show defcon 1. mine would typically show a reading of 4 or 5. this way bass=mobiles could quickly size each other up. you could easily tell if somebody was bassing at their full potential ... or if they were just getting warmed up.