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nope, not me. those are the people against my blog. you only ever hear about the devils advocates though ... why is that? there is too much to comment on in an organized manner, so i'm just going to knock them out as i go. 1st off, i appreciated that the recruiter wrote me back and was honest. i'm honest, so i respect honesty. did i feel discriminated against ... hell no. i know exactly what i'm doing with my blog. have already been turned down for jobs because of it, and i expect to be turned down for many more. that email just happened to make it into the blog. am i upset about not getting the job ... not at all. do i think that i could have helped that company ... most definitely. do i think they are closed minded for not being able to get past my blog ... yes. but that is my opinion. they have their own opinion, and they expressed it. so what. would i ever sue ... hell no. i hate lawyers and i hate people that sue. if you are a lawyer reading this, i hate you. now on to the reality bit. the reality is i am not hurting for work. all of my needs are satisfied. since my needs are met, i can pursue ideals and wants, in that order. ideals because i have to live with myself. wants ... i dont have many. the world is easy and my life is quite simple. did you figure out i was a philosophy minor? people can assume whatever they want. so companies choose not to use me ... there are lots of companies. and i will help the companies that do choose to use me put the others out of business. boor: no, i am not rude. am i insensitive, you better believe it. i am quite hard on myself. maybe being offensive on my blog is a way to make things more challenging? being 28 ... my age is irrelevant. yes, i could make 2 web sites: 1 personal, 1 professional. but i dont care to. i like having 1 site; especially when entertaining stuff like this happens. could cut out the racy stuff at any time and this would rapidly be forgotten. but what have i dont that is really bad ... absolutely nothing, my site is so tame. people just like to feel better than others. professional references are too easy. i've never been kicked off a contract, or even been close. the case has been that they want me to stay, but i get bored out of my mind and have to move on to something else. or the weather gets cold and i have to migrate south. yes, i want to see more people posting pictures of their girls butt. i'm a guy ... cant help it. offensive topics to who? there are people that blog pro-christianity topics ... dont you think i find those offensive as an atheist. or are the xtians the only ones that get to be offended? honestly, i dont find them offensive. dont care. this is a shock blog. if you cannot handle shocking things, then dont read it. recall telling people to unsubscribe many times. and i do point employers to it ... on purpose ... i've already been through all this crap. i only want to work for the people that can handle my blog. they are not filtering me ... i am filtering them. a couple years ago i had the adult web sites that i had worked on my resume. ended up working with the greatest bunch of guys because of that. they were smart, hard working, professional ... but could have fun too. chances are this will continue. you followed your path, i will blaze my own. this is my life ... i am in complete control