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DesktopWeb FormText   hello mr. boxTue, 18 May 2004 23:42:16 GMT # 

as soon as the plane took off to seattle, boston started with the gay marriages. have not seen any pics of lesbians getting married, so all is still good. flew alaska airlines for the 1st time. the girl in front of me was making some noise about not getting the vegetarian meal she had ordered. she ended up not eating out of protest. assuming it was worse for her body to not eat than if she would have ate (at least part of) the chicken meal? then i got my meal and it had a little prayer card with it (psalm 107). next time i'm going to order the secular meal ... or not eat. get to MS the next day. the HR person asked what i had done to prepare? err, umm ... brushed my teeth. nobody told me i was supposed to study! get shuttled over to another building to interview; Don Box walked out the door of the building as i was going in. see title above for the extent of our conversation. on the off chance Don reads my blog, and on the off chance he remembers a guy with a shaved head calling him mr. box ... then that was me (TS: sorry about the shaved head). kind of cool. while waiting, it stood out that EVERYBODY was either carrying a laptop or a backpack (unknown if the backpacks contained laptops). so i interview and the end result is they dont make an offer. whew! if they would have made an offer, then that would have been a BIG decision for me to make. although i am feeling a little bitter about being rejected, especially since they wont tell me what their logic was. would have made great blog material. maybe i should have studied :) the funny thing is that one of the interviewers told me he had read my previous post about MS interviews ... and then he asked me a riddle! classic. the long flight did provide alot of reading time. finished the cert study guide i took with me, so should be able to knock that test out this weekend. negative was that this trip hosed up my workout schedule. need to recover from the timezone changes and then dive back in.