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DesktopWeb FormText   2 weeks downWed, 19 May 2004 02:05:41 GMT # 

it has been 2 weeks since making brawn a priority over brains. that isnt very long, but there are definite changes. the mirror test shows that my body weight is being distributed differently. starting to carry a little more muscle and a little less fat. the mirror test is priority over what you weigh. only girls and jockeys care about their body weight. that said, i weighed in at 220. that was my college playing weight and seems to be what i hover around as an adult. for my height that puts me right at the obese category for BMI (body mass index). BMI basically makes no sense for weight lifters. happy with that weight because it means i'm not losing. actually i'm losing fat but adding muscle (you cant turn fat into muscle). so i'm getting the right amount of calories, exercise, and rest. couple more weeks and the muscle will hit critical mass and start burning off the fat more rapidly. finally, the belt test (counting belt loops) shows that my waste is a little smaller. the body weight workout i just did showed promise too. was able to do a couple more reps with each exercise. squat workouts show that my max is probably low 400s and bench max would be 350. the only negative is that my right front shoulder is a little tender. need to be careful not to injure it. the TS is coming to visit in a week, so that will be some good recovery time when she is here. can tear myself down for this last week, heal while she is here, then be recharged to resume.