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back to complaining about the streets. previously i was moaning about there being alot of streets because nothing runs straight for any great distance. at places they have compensated for this by naming connecting streets the same. so the same street has a bunch of 90 degree turns in it, and signs pointing you in the new direction of the steet. not physically connected, only logically through the use of minimal signs. i use the term 'logically' loosely. even worse, as my boss pointed out, and i can now confirm ... they have so many streets that alot of them in the metroplex are named the same. thus when you try to map it online, it comes up with about 4 streets in different locations for you to pick from. also, there are no on ramps. basically you have to go from a dead stop to highway speeds constantly. what little on ramp you could have had is always killed by a stop sign. and nobody changes into the fast lane to allow you to pull on and pick up speed ... more on that later. my conspiracy theory is that the makers of german sports cars paid off all the civil engineers. you see BMWs everywhere. just so happens that a good friend of mine lived in boston for 8 years and races BMWs. to top it off, out of the other 10 people i've met here, one of them races BMWs as well. coincidence ... i think not. i want a BMW now. not because of the streets, but because that article came out a couple weeks ago saying BMW owners had more sex. got to drive into downtown once. went over a bridge that had a tollbooth right in the middle. 1st time i've ever seen that. even got to make a short trip through the big dig. confused by that as well. my assumption was that the big dig was to increase traffic flow. but its not, its mainly asthetic. the tunnel handles just slightly more traffic than the elevated highways. serious, they are ripping down what they used to use, to make the city look better. this goes against most of what i believe in. what they should have done is built more parking so that i wouldnt have to take the train into downtown. although i really want to put my ear on the train track and see if i can tell how far away the train is or which direction it is coming from. tonto style. rule #1 of the train ... do not talk to anybody. everybody is reading. i just pretend to read to fit in. also adapting my speech to blend. this involves not pronouncing the letter 'r'. e.g. where i sould say 'car', they say 'ca' with a soft 'a'. had to go to speech therapy when i was a kid because i could not say r's properly; should have just moved here instead. other jargon: sneakers instead of shoes. soda (or tonic?) instead of coke. and dunkin donuts is called dunks by the cool people. i'm trying to work in a little sexual innuendo by calling them double D's. just a matter of time before it catches on. serious, there are coffee shops everywhere. been taking my certification exams by where one of the universities is. tons of coffee shops and they are packed. everytime i have been there it has been hippy central. if somebody was able to find grass (which is hard to do) then they are laying in it. consider myself open minded, but these people are crazy. little bit of a deviant, but in this place i basically have to conform to be different. did i mention the democratic convention is going to be here? that explains alot. hate the party system, but its much different than the republic of texas. i was not expecting the ultra liberals. from the stereotype i was expecting a bunch of smart asses. dont worry, i havent been let down. have the capability to be mean when necessary, but i rarely have to use it. been having to exercise it more often here. one person termed them a bunch of hard asses. agreed. related to this, everybody at my gym is huge. more weightlifters than any other city i've been to. theory is that they are getting big so they can be mean more often. size-wise i'm about average at this place (currently). alot of them are jacked up and heavily tattoed. strength-wise i'm closer to the top but still have some work to do. what else? ... i'm confused by the fire hydrants. the base is painted black, and they have either a red or yellow top. wonder if the color of the top has some significance, e.g. water pressure? also, why isnt the whole thing painted bright red or yellow? theory is that they want them harder to see so that the old buildings will burn down and then they can build newer ones. the new buildings should already have sprinkler systems in them, so the fire hydrants are less important.