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DesktopWeb FormText   bostonian addendumThu, 20 May 2004 11:32:25 GMT # 

realized that i left out a caste. there are a lot of really smart people in boston too. BU, MIT, Harvard, ... oh my! not to mention the people i work with. an example, the security gaurd in my building was asking me if my mobile devices were bluetooth enabled. alot of tech here. have heard it called the silicon valley of the east. starting to believe it, although i've never actually been to silicon valley. aside, i sometimes refer to dallas as the 'silicone valley'. do you get it? switching back to the mean people. i'm guessing that is what it takes to start a revolution. saw a 'time squad' cartoon that seems even funnier now. basically it represented the revolutionaries as being dainty and drinking tea. then coffee was introduced and they got rude and revolted. this is where dunking donuts comes back into play. so there are alot of smart and big people here. could mean trouble for bNb. hope i dont meet somebody smarter AND bigger than me ... doh!