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DesktopWeb FormText   70-320 / MCADSat, 22 May 2004 22:03:18 GMT # 

passed with a 968. used the MsPress study guide. thought this one was adequate preparation because i've done very little COM+ and Remoting ... on purpose (sorry Ingo). looked at an Osborne study guide i had picked up from a $5 bookstore too ... it sucked. too many labs. actually, i dont like that the MsPress books have labs either. straight text would have been better for me. dont know if any of the study guides offer that? the programs with sample questions are valuable too. have never tried a transcender, but my assumption is they are alot of sample questions? would probably ace the exams with them ... but i dont want to spend the $$$. started studying for the 1st test just under 4 weeks ago, and now i've got MCAD. dont plan on immediately going for MCSD. couple reasons. 1st, i'm going out of my mind. cant read any more exam prep books or take anymore sample tests for a while. brain is going to mush. studying has helped, but i cant say i've learned anything useful. 2nd, i'm not interested in any of the tests i have left. the Requirements one is just a bunch of reading, and the electives are about 4 year old server products. Commerce Server ... dead. SQL Server ... get a DBA. Biztalk ... 2K version sucks. the study guide is even out of print. the 2004 flavor has me interested, so put together a cert exam. also, i dont think recruiters know the difference between MCAD and MCSD, but they do know the diff between 3 and 4 letter acronyms. thus, my theory is that recruiters think MCP and MVP are the same, and they probably get MCAD and MCSD confused too. so i'm golden now that i have 4 letters, because 4 letters is definitely better than 3 :) now we shall see about the ROI. cost me $250 cash so far (had a free pass to one). but a month of my free time was the main cost. would that time have been better spent doing something else? dont know. will let you know my opinion after some time passes. not sure what to do next. need to go back to building up an AI skill set. there are actually some DB related stuff i might kick around as well. will probably crank out an article before knocking out MCSD. in the short term i need to go celebrate and disconnect some of of these newly connected synapses.