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nope, not steriods. i'm talking about those jack lalange (sp?) juicers for fresh fruit and veggie drinks. used to do this hardcore, and i recommend it. i felt invincible when drinking fresh juice. first, i got stronger because i was giving my body more of what it needed. and if you think about it, the strongest land animal (elephant) is a vegetarian. second, i did not get sick. was traveling alot at this time, and people were dropping off left and right being sick, but i didnt even sniffle. thinking i could have withstood ebola. some tips: you cannot mess up fruit drinks. just pick a fruit and juice it, it will taste great. be careful mixing fruits because of the different acidities, so stick to 1 or 2 fruits at a time. veggies are less pleasant. the mix i liked was carrots, celery, tomato, and spinach. it looked like pond water but tasted better than pond water. while drinking it, i would feel good, it was like my body was releasing endorphins to thank me. that said, i did not like any other veggie mixes. some people do straight carrot juice. other would put an apple in to make it somewhat sweet. in general, i dont recommend mixing fruits with veggies ... ever. the downside about juicers is the time. you have to keep the fruit handy, juice it, and then clean the machine. too much trouble while traveling. some juicing mistakes i made: 1) tried to do an orange-strawberry-banana drink ... bananas dont juice well as all. 2) tried juicing broccoli ... did an entire head of broccoli, which amounted to about a shot glass of juice. THE WORST THING I HAVE EVER DRANK! speaking of shots, there was a juice place in colorado where they would juice a shot of wheat grass for you. got addicted to that stuff