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DesktopWeb FormText   blocked at kinkosSun, 23 May 2004 19:48:02 GMT # 

went to kinkos around noon to work on my website ... and it was blocked :)

You have attempted to access a site
that is prohibited or has been blocked
pursuant to Kinko's policy.

that's awesome. went to the SmartFilter site to see what was going on. was actually ok, but the domain ( that it redirects to was marked as 'Pornography' in their current system, and 'Sex' in the old version. it has an entire list of other categories, some amusing. so what would you do? would you contact SmartFilter and try to get delisted? or would you put up a new domain name and hope you dont get listed again? i actually went in and re-categorized it as 'Provacative Attire'. the logic is the people that will allow their internet to be censored will never know about my site. good, i wouldn't be friends with them anyways. what ever happened with the libraries and filtering software? librarians are particularly good at fighting back censorship. aside, will have to get michael moores new movie from the internet since it is not being carried in the US yet.