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DesktopWeb FormText   questionsSun, 23 May 2004 19:58:49 GMT # 

get a number of email questions about articles i have written. always struggle with what to do about that, because they are typically repeat questions. tried to battle this by adding a comments link to the articles. then i could easily provide additional info there. problem is ... nobody clicks those links. should have made my comments render at the bottom of the pages. would prefer that people would just ask questions in newsgroups. just answer the question once, and then it is searchable for others. there is also a much larger audience to field the answer. what about the blog? i could answer questions on the blog. just doesnt seem as useful as the newsgroups. not well categorized, the posts have a short lifetime, and it would add some more noise. from the summit, saw that MS was working on making newsgroups a better experience. are they extending NNTP to do that, or are they just embedding their own metadata in the messages?