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Mr. Sells was spouting about The Next Big Leap in Programming. one thing that came out of it was Genetic Programming. certainly agree ... i'm just not that far yet. still trying to build up a basic AI skill set. but when i think about the near future ... AI keeps coming up. if you look at the Google career pages, they are all about AI and really efficient computing. and the parts that interest me in Longhorn will have some AI behind them as well. e.g. natural language searching. always try to keep a timeline of what is needed. security is needed now. i think web services are next, then mobile. after that ... AI. 3 down ... 1 to go. [grid computing is interesting to me as well ... but i dont see it being accessible] also have to think Chris for pointing out the MIT OpenCourseWare. outstanding! just so happens they have some AI courses for me.