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DesktopWeb FormText   subway musingsFri, 04 Jun 2004 23:42:02 GMT # 

taking the subway into work. it cut a full 15 minutes off my 1:15 minute commute. this is my 1st time to ever ride a subway, and here is what i've noticed: boston needs more parking. i start at an endpoint, but by the time i reach downtown, the subway is FULL, because you HAVE to commute. parking is so bad, i paid $28 to park all day over the holiday weekend ... and that was with validation. ridiculous. when exiting the city, i saw one subway get fully packed. i'm talking sardine style. i cannot read during the trip because i have to give up my seat to women. have yet to see any other males give up their seat to a female. asking around, a seat will be given up for the elderly and pregnant women. most of the guys pretend to be reading and wont look up to see the women having to stand. some that do stand have actually acquired the ability to read the newspaper while standing up and holding onto a pole for stability. and the seats are too narrow. when i have gotten a seat, i'm sandwiched between 2 strangers. i'm not very narrow myself, but with the pigging up of america, this is a bad scene. i've developed the ability to jab people in their leg with my pocket pc while it is still in my pocket. can do this subtley by directing a little pressure while pretending to rest my elbow on my leg. this will get them to relinquish some leg space so that the chesnut jewels can get some breathing room down there.