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[why i dont believe in god] growing up, I had alot of confrontations with TX bible beaters trying to convert me. as an atheist, i didnt have the bible or faith to fall back on in arguments ... so had to come up with my own logic to not believe. its called thinking for yourself. tough trying to 'reason' with someone about 'faith' ... it just doesnt work. faith arguments always have a built-in escape door. instead, what worked best was 'what if' scenarios. have not run through this in a while, but these are the points i can remember: what if there is a god and what if there is a heaven. he (god) could be chaotic. so whatever you do during your life doesnt really matter. all that matters is the whim of your god. whatever you consider proof could just be said god messing with us. suppose he is rational. disregard a rational god creating primarily irrational beings. and he has an ego. that is why he created us in his likeness. so i live a good life, and he doesnt let me into heaven because i did not believe in him. in that case, i dont want that ego god to be my god. would rather have a god that wanted me to be good for the sake of being good, and not to get into his exclusive club. if he has no ego, and i live a good life, then he would let me into heaven and i would then believe in him. if there is no heaven. then what reward are you living a good life for? i think it is right to live a good life just for the sole purpose of living a good life. or are you being good to avoid the negative? if there is a hell. so the ego god wont let me into heaven and sends me to hell. then it depends on the devil. the devil could torture my soul eternally, probably for not believing in him (devil), just like the egotistical god. that would suck. or the devil would reward me for giving god lovers hell on earth. we would hang out, read blogs, and torture the god lovers that spoke the gospel but didnt act accordingly. if there is a purgatory. this is probably where i would go. dont believe in heaven or hell, so purgatory sounds right. my kind of place too. could hang out with all the other good atheists. likely to be a bunch of smart and interesting souls (or whatever) there. if there is no god / devil / heaven / hell / purgatory. then you just die and are worm food (what i believe in), forget the soul nonsense. so out of those, the only real negative is a rational egotistical god that would send me to hell, and that the devil would have to disregard that i was not god-happy on earth, and ignore that i was a good person, to torture me forever. if that really is the case ... then give me hell