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DesktopWeb FormText   not bluffingMon, 07 Jun 2004 03:07:42 GMT # 

a friend wrote me and said they didnt believe i had the proCreation fish symbol on the back of my car. so here is a pic as proof. there are actually 3 items: 1) proCreation fish 2) devil fish 3) .NET Framework bumper sticker! the proCreation fish is props to darwin (and humping). this is my 3rd one. it was ripped off parked at work and at a car maintenance shop; both in dallas. have a spare in the glove box. the devil fish is just funny. obviously dont believe in the devil. bought it the 2nd time the proCreation fish was ripped off. its been taped over about 5 times. have had the .NET FX sticker on for about 3 years. since its MS, its probably more evil than the other 2 combined :) no java or linux bigots have tampered with it