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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn updateMon, 07 Jun 2004 04:37:26 GMT # 

still on track. upper body is starting to fill out. back is starting to feel snug in shirts and man-boobs (pecs) are getting some depth. have been concentrating on lower body for the time being. dont want to be one of those top-heavy gym guys people make fun of. leg strength is slowly coming back, but i dont feel a solid base yet. as leg strength returns my center of gravity will basically shift lower. dont really know how to describe it other than that. did neglect cardio and abs last week. need to get those worked back into the new gym routine. need to kick my bodyweight out of stasis too ... still hovering around 220. that means i could continue as-is and keep losing fat and gaining muscle. would be fine but my frame can hold more weight. so i'm going to slightly up the calories with more protein (at breakfast) to get in the 225+ range.