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DesktopWeb FormText   jack of nothingTue, 08 Jun 2004 03:31:56 GMT # 

Bill thinks he couldn't be less Well Rounded. i felt this same way when studying for the MCAD exams. there were certain questions that were going to be on the exam that i had never cared to learn, so i memorized them for the exam, and then purged them from my memory soon afterwards. e.g. i know web services like a champ, but ask me about Remoting and i'll laugh at you. never learned it on purpose. but that is scoped at the exam level, a bigger problem exists. this is exemplified by recruiters calling me up and saying we've got a project for .NET and C#. when i try to narrow it down by asking if it is Web Services or Compact Framework ... they have no clue. they dont know what TYPE of app it is. but certification is not geared towards a specialization ... the cliche 'jack of all trades, master of nothing'. it assumes that since i know C# then i should be equally qualified to develop desktop apps, web services, web forms, or mobile apps. what a joke. somebody fix this.