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DesktopWeb FormText   more WSE changesWed, 09 Jun 2004 03:43:38 GMT # 

for XmlEncryption, WSE 2.0 now uses AES128 by default (used to be TripleDes). the problem for CF is that AES does not exist in the CryptoApi for current mobile devices. need to figure out how to switch the service back to 3DES? for XmlSignature, instead of individually signing the Created and Expires elements, it now just signs their parent Timestamp element. also, UsernameTokens can now be used to sign and encrypt (used to just be able to sign). this is done by generating a key from the password. believe that the algorithm has changed in some form because this has stopped working from my Tech Preview bits? its a real pain to debug crypto code too. the most detailed messages you get are either BAD_DATA or 2 byte arrays that dont match. once i get past those 2 bugs, then the CF WSE bits will be back to their previous level of functionality.