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DesktopWeb FormText   more WSEThu, 10 Jun 2004 01:25:05 GMT # 

just cracked some more WSE 2.0 Release changes. Byron Kim and Krill Gavrylyuk (Thanks!) showed me how to default the Symmetric Encryption algorithm back to TripleDES (from AES128). this shows that the Xml-Encryption algorithm is at least partially working. Xml-Signature is working now for UsernameToken signing. the algorithm for generating a signing key from a password now only needs 16 bytes of data, instead of 24 for the Tech Preview. yes, i pulled that directly out of my ass. could we please get a readme.htm for interoperability changes? a simple note about that would have saved me 24 hours of BS. also, when i set the tracing to verbose, please tell me explicitly what part of the signature fails. tell me if it is the syntax, or a referenced element, or the signature itself. would be extremely helpful for interop dev. some new things too: added in the hooks for Filters, so the updated lib can call the CustomFilters sample. also cooked up the sample code to call the ContentBasedRouting sample. next order of business is to further text XmlEnc and XmlSig together, plus make the necessary changes for WS-SecureConversation.