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if you are lifting heavy weights, then sooner or later you are going to hurt yourself (not on purpose). first off, you have to heal, and there are some tips to help heal faster. ice is key. put an ice pack on the injured area periodically throughout the day, for about 15 minutes each time. ice will make your body pump blood to the injured area for heat, and your cells will use that enriched blood to heal whatever you hurt. elevation is also key. i'm not really sure why? something about blood circulation too. e.g. if you hurt your left shoulder, you might try to sleep on your right shoulder. when you start getting better, use heat and compression and work into it slowly. the main thing is do not immediately re-tweak your injury. you want to be careful, and eventually you will forget the injury and be good as new. second, there are tricks to maintain your health while injured. the main thing is that your body tries to stay symmetrical. so that if you injure your left bicep, then concentrate on your right bicep AND also your left arms tricep. i.e. you usually only injure one part of a push / pull muscle group; so if you hurt the muscle for pushing, then work on the muscle for pulling. this also works with chest / back and quadriceps / hamstrings. sadly, this concept doesnt really work for upper / lower body strength. anyways, that will help you maintrain while you nurse your self-inflicted wounds. the good news is that even if you are not able to maintain your strength, it is easier to get it back the 2nd time. serious, regaining lost strength takes a much shorter time period than getting stronger then you have ever been.