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DesktopWeb FormText   MetadataTransfer ... i think?Fri, 11 Jun 2004 03:05:10 GMT # 

back to the problem about AES being the default crypto for WSE 2.0. bad news is that it does not exist for PPC 2003 or SP 2003. good news is that it will be in the next version of CE. more good news is that you can switch it back to TripleDES on the service using code or policy. bad news, if you use the code method, is that it seems to get ignored at times. this might be a web app lifetime issue ... but i've been experiencing odd behavior. have specific code on the client now to throw an exception when encountering AES and that has been hit more times then it should. anyways, that isnt good news at all because you are not likely to have control of the server. i thought WS-Policy might be able to let the client negotiate with the server that it can only do TripleDES, but it looks like i thought wrong. now i am thinking that WS-MetadataTransfer might be the spec i'll need. the problem then becomes that its not implemented ... nor published. to make this viable, i really need AES on the client. had ported the MSDN AES article code over to CF, but cant figure out how to make it compatible with the WSE2 AES implementation. not to mention any pure managed crypto is going to be dog slow on a Smartphone. if i find a native implementation to wrap, then it becomes an issue of getting it built for the different devices and emulators for testing. ugly