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DesktopWeb FormText   rageFri, 11 Jun 2004 14:21:38 GMT # 

get to the subway station. very few cars there so i pull out my PPC to make sure it wasnt a weekend. ok, just a slow friday. subway arrives and i actually get a seat. starts filling up at stops so i start watching the door for females to give up my seat to. believe it or not ... i treat women great. there is actually an open one next to me as well. next stop and 2 asian ladies get on, so i get up to let them sit. 2 guys that were already onboard and standing to the other side of me jump into the seats. adrenaline releases and i have to control myself from pummeling them. i'm new to public transportation, so i hope this is just a boston thing. so these 2 guys were low quality, but i also think womens lib is at work. the problem is i was going for chivaly, but the 2 other guys were going for womens lib. i'm pro womens lib too, but more pro chivalry, so when conflicts like this happen i get really pissed off.