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DesktopWeb FormText   WSE UsernameToken Enc and CustomBinaryTokenSat, 12 Jun 2004 21:51:37 GMT # 

wanted to get WS-SecureConversation working again but i cant get the dang sample to run. had to try some other stuff instead. being able to encrypt with a UsernameToken is one new feature for Release. played around with the samples and was able to get them to work until i switched the encryption to TripleDES. the client still seemed to work, but the server was complaining about the algorithm. saved off the client request and was able to write the CF code to decompose it. cant really write the CF piece to create it until i get the server side working. moved on to the CustomBinarySecurityToken sample next. its basically like WS-SecureConversation. you have to make a call to a token issuer, and then you can make calls to the web service itself. only had to make minor changes from the existing SecureConversation code to get it to work. hopefully that is a good sign that my existing SecureConversation code wont have to change much :)