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lower body strength is starting to come back. just did 810 for 5 reps on a slider. still got a ways to go though because i was doing just over 1000 last year and 1250 (for reps) is my personal best. want to get back to the half a ton range. its just fun to say half a ton :) now for the finer points of leg press. there are basically 2 types of machines: pivot and sliding. the pivots are the easiest and you'll be able to do about 25% more weight on them. the further you get your feet from the pivot point gives you more leverage and makes it easier too. the sliding kind varies based on the platform where you place your feet. on these, its a little easier to get your feet further up too. if the platform has a bend in it, then putting your feet below the bend will be substantially harder. sometimes the seats are adjustable as well. the further the seat is up makes it easier. this is mostly because your range of motion will be reduced by your knees hitting your chest. its better to put the seat all the way down and get a full range of motion with lower weight. leg press is good because it is self spotting. if you get in trouble you can push on your knees to help out. now to make you cool. if you lift heavy weights, then dont use the 5 or 35 lb plates. all you really need is 10s, 25s and 45s. putting 315 on the bar and then adding 5 lb plates on each side looks stupid. and when you do heavy weights on machines, you stop worrying about the weight of the machine itself. so when i say 810, i dont count the 25 to 45 lbs of the leg press carriage. for one thing, they vary from machine to machine, also nobody really knows how much the carriage really weighs. its not common knowledge like a barbell weighing 45 lbs. better yet you say the number of plates on each side of the machine. e.g. 810 is '9 plates'. 9 45 lb plates on each side. this helps because weightlifters are not the brightest. if i'm doing alot, sometimes a person will come up and try to figure out how much weight it is ... and it will take them way too long. the worst is when i guy when to the front desk to get a calculator.