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DesktopWeb FormText   suicide boothsSun, 13 Jun 2004 23:46:46 GMT # 

love futurama, but thats not the topic. nor is killing yourself. the topic is the mixing of various fountain drinks. this is what i do at fast food places. blend just about everything: diet soda, root beer, sprite, tea, powerade, fruit juice, whatever ... all into 1 new drink. if there is a big selection, i'll get like 8 different ones in. its like having a new drink every time! the thing is not many people do this. also today was my cheat day, so i ate at 2 different fast food places to satisfy my craving for fatty foods. fast food place #1 had the fountrain drinks out in the open. the problem was they wanted to know which fountain drink i was going to get. i told them they didnt need to know what i was going to choose, and then gave them some data mining and privacy nonsense to try and confuse them. they said they needed to know so that they would know when to order more supplies. had to proceed to explain to them about the suicide ... and they finally gave up the cup with a look of disgust. fast food place #2 had the fountain drinks behind the counter. in this situation i usually just give up and pick 1; except i'm getting more eccentric in my old age. told the guy i wanted everything except plain coke. after the initial shock wore off, he proceeded to make my drink. the funny thing is it took him a long time because he tried to get equal parts of everything! also the drink machine was made to auto fill the cup to the proper amount, so he had to override that. somtimes it is really hard to not conform