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DesktopWeb FormText   WSE weekendMon, 14 Jun 2004 00:11:53 GMT # 

there was a great post recently along the lines of there being too many WS-* specs, but that will eventually be hidden from us. want to give credit, but i cant find that post again ... one thing i hate about blogs. thought google was going to fix this after they bought blogger? back on topic ... i like all the WS-* specs and trying to make the CF bits interop. its the right level of pain for my masochistic side. i'll give you an overview of what this involves: the specifications are key, and i read them, but they allow room for differences in implementations. at that point the WSE implementation supercedes the specs, and i write the code to do what WSE does. mainly this involves the shaping of XML. the XML has to be very precise. namespaces have to be correct, the order of elements might matter, the xpath of the element. add in cryptography and certain operations have to happen before others. so the interop involves me looking at what XML the server expects, and comparing it to what the CF clients are sending out. this is where i am so happy that XML is text based and not some binary format ... except ... crypto brings back the binary format. when trying to get crypto to interop, i am constantly looking at byte arrays. have helper methods to compare: -look for any match with different sized arrays, if so, then an IV might be appended. -look for a match but the byte arrays might be reversed. -look for a match with values off by 1, might indicate salting. etc... as a friend put it, you have a set of switches in front of you. if you flip a switch and the byte arrays dont match, you try another switch. with some trial and error of different permutations ... match!