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DesktopWeb FormText   gay violenceMon, 14 Jun 2004 23:12:45 GMT # 

there is signage on the subway for the 'gay men domestic violence project'. says something to the effect that 1:4 gay men are abused. that number seems high (or low) to me. is the percentage HIGH: haven't they been fighting for same sex marriages? in fact, its now legal in Boston, where the signs are in the 1st place. if 25% of their relationships are abusive, why dont they break up? all i can figure is that they are including prison rape in those numbers. and if you are a guy and want to abuse somebody, wouldn't a woman be much easier? [NOTE that is a joke. tasteless ... yet still a joke. get over it. i would NEVER hit a woman, and would beat the crap out of guys that do.] back on topic. is the percentage LOW: at least 1:2 of them are taking it up the ass ... which i would definitely consider abuse. related; how come i dont see signs for lesbian violence? would pay good money to see that