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DesktopWeb FormText   stupid T tricksTue, 15 Jun 2004 23:39:38 GMT # 

(for causticPhil sake) this one has been bugging me lately about the subway. everybody is in a big hurry to get to (and away from) the subway station. the collective walking pace speeds up the closer you get. so everybody is real important and has to get to where they are going ... Now! you can even see this when getting off the train. people start milling around the door so that they can get out 1st. the funny thing is that they will dash out the door and immediately form a line to the escalator, even though the stairs right next to them are mostly unused. now i see that the escalator would be faster if everybody was walking up the escalator ... but that has not happened yet. somebody always stops, effectively making the stairs the faster means of transportation, on which i pass them all. the parking garage is even more odd. there are stairs you have to take up and escalators that are going down. but in the evening the escalators are turned off, so you can walk up them. what bugs me here is that everybody is crowded on the stairs, and nobody is walking up the escalator. my guess is that they are scared it will turn back on and they will either have to try and run up it against the grain or retreat back down to take the stairs? or they realized how stupid they were for waiting in line for the escalator in the morning, and they vowed to take the stairs; but now the stairs are the wrong choice, so they vow to take the escalator in the morning ... a vicious cycle of nonsense