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DesktopWeb FormText   Web Services Security licenseWed, 16 Jun 2004 21:43:51 GMT # 

on the web services security specifications page of the MSDN web services developer center, you'll find this beauty:

Note If you are implementing the WS-Security specification, the Web Services Security Addendum, or the WS-Security Profile for XML-based Tokens, please print, sign, and return the Web Services Security license at this page to Microsoft Corporation.

just so happens i have implemented a chunk of these specifications. so when i go to read the license, i get this:

Whereas, Company (brains-N-brawn LLC) wants a license from Microsoft to implement WS-Security, and whereas Company understands and acknowledes that licenses from IBM, VeriSign, and/or other third-parties may also be required to implement WS-Security.

err, umm ... i'm supposed to do this crap for VeriSign and IBM too! hell no. isn't OASIS supposed to protect me from this crap?