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this is about my 5 month mark of blogging. this is also about my 6 month mark of reading blogs (had been ignoring them). here is my current take.

LIKE: 1) that i get to hear directly from the source of people that are developing the technology. if i hear it from somebody else like me, then i'm like 'what the hell do they know? spares.' 2) when blogs have a personal side with opinions. being funny is also a plus. if i can learn something technical and laugh ... win squared. 3) great for up to the second info, because i cannot wait until tomorrow to find out that product X is released. 4) newsgator outlook integration. chocked full of heady goodness. 5) comments and trackbacks are fun to peruse. 6) that anybody can blog without being technical. anything to take some control away from big media is good. 7) quick medium that i can write to and publish immediately. for when i dont want to think about what i'm about to say and how it will damage my professional career. 8) moblogging. because i need some new ideas to implement with the compact framework. 9) finally, its a great way to keep fresh content on my homepage.

HATE: -1) the whole RSS vs ATOM thing. throw them in a standards body to be merged and move on. -2) trying to find old blogs i need to refer to again. worse than searching my harddisk. -3) hearing the same information from 10+ different people. there should be a heirarchy of blogs. i.e. if don box blogs something, then i know that i dont need to say shit, because you already heard it from him. -4) when people change their blog titles and newsgator makes a new folder. -5) when people update their blog feed (or individual blog) and newsgator makes a copy of the message(s), instead of just overwriting. i know that is configurable, but i dont do it. -6) that people bitch about getting blog spam, but use the same blog engine as everybody else. if you want unspammed comments, then write your own comments page. also stop answering questions in the newsgroup about how to programatically do HTTP POSTs to a Url. -7) when individuals that aggregate blogs think they are getting copied all the time. not everbody subscribes to you, or maybe they found the info independently and just happened to miss your post. this is in conflict with my blog heirarchy complaint above. -8) aggregate feeds. my blog is too offensive, so i cant join in. but i would join an aggregate feed of offensive blogs. -9) dave ... could not resist.

OTHER: what about the other communication channels: 1) miss the ListServs. there was no better way to ask a question and have it answered immediately. i try asking questions on my blog, but nobody answers because they already unsubscribed to keep their virgin minds pure of bad thoughts. 2) still use newsgroups alot. threaded messages are a good thing. also for searching. figured we would have by now? 3) articles are still good. want them to have more permanent links off of my site, and i usually spend alot more time putting them together. 4) still read books. they help to organize all the random bits of data. outlines are goodness too. 5) still use email. because contrary to what you might believe, i keep some communication private for the intended recipient and anybody sniffing packets on a web proxy.

PEOPLE: there are new roles in the industry: 1) now people that dont have the technical ability or character defects to keep a website updated can have a voice. e.g. your mother. i just wanted to work 'your mother' into this somehow. done. 2) now people that dont make content can just aggregate it and give their own opinions. e.g. Scoble. i'm going to start calling these people developer analysts. glad i dont have the word anal in my job title. 3) people can just be funny. e.g. Rory. i dont care if you are technical, if you're funny, then i'll subscribe. cant do that in the newsgroups i visit. 4) the person that is the direct source of the info can let you know what is going on. e.g. Box. without the spout then we would miss alot of gems between books.

SUMMARY: ignore all of the above ... blog for google juice alone. you'll have your blog which google will crawl over. then you will link to others from your blog and your blogroll. they will be kind and link back. then you will comment in their blog and leave your URL for more juice. then they will implement trackbacks and if you point to them then the link will show up on their trackback. you'll get into an aggregate feed for more publication ... plus blogrolls. the other communication channels cant touch that level of viral inbreeding.