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DesktopWeb FormText   google magicSat, 19 Jun 2004 14:29:36 GMT # 

you can read a couple blogs down about me getting blasted as a spoon fed .NET flunkie in the newsgroup by a C++ bigot. if you follow that link you'll see that i sent off a cursory reply. by cursory ... i mean i cussed. the thing to note is that the message does not show up in Outlook Express. but the message does show up in its like google has more of a direct link into the newsgroup than OE does? else the google spider crawled over the message before it was deleted. the groups spider has something like an 8 hour delay, so that is unlikely. maybe OE is filtering messages that have cuss words in them ... not likely. this one has been bugging me. i need to know when and where my cuss words will appear. fuck ... just testing :)