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DesktopWeb FormText   passed 70-300Sat, 19 Jun 2004 22:39:57 GMT # 

just know that i passed. it did not tell me my score ... so i'll assume i aced it :) this test was definitely different than the other exams. glad that Jason Haley tipped me off on How to pass 70-300. i prepared by reading the MsPress book, which gave me the necessary jargon and frame of reference, but was somewhat laughable to read. searching around it looked like the ExamCram book might have been better? also getting a look at what case study questions were going to look like was essential. i recommend running through the Case study-based test demo and the free Transcender demo for the test. that puts me at 1 away from MCSD. will probably go with the new Security elective. anybody know if Biztalk has a beta going on?