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DesktopWeb FormText   70-300 (cont.)Sat, 19 Jun 2004 23:02:05 GMT # 

what does the 70 mean? is this the seventh series of certification exams? was there a 69 series? ... wink wink. switching topics: i second guessed myself alot during this exam. the case studies were definitely contradictory in places. in real life, i would have asked somebody to clarify ... instead of just making my own decision. at one point, i could have done the app as a web app or a windows form. a couple of questions were dependent on which i chose. i took the option as answering one for the web app scenario and the other as a win form scenario ... to only miss one, instead of possibly missing two. no glory in that! the other thing about these test is i know TOO much. sorry for the ego on that last sentence ... but let me explain. reading blogs and newsgroups have taught me many tricks and exceptional cases you can use to get around certain problems or limitations of .NET. for a small number of questions there would be 2 answers that were both correct. with those 2 answers, i would then have to filter it down to the mainstream answer that the test would expect, and throw out the more esoteric workaround.