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this is what i hear most often.

1) your site looks like crap in browser X? A: i only test in IE. actually, i want to rewrite my website, but its not at the top of my list. probably when ASP.NET 2 gets closer. even then, i'll still only test in IE ... so no promises
2) you dont allow comments? A: i sort of do. there is small comment(s) link where you can leave short messages. it is just a running list and is not tied to a particular blog entry. thats all the functionality i want to provide for right now
3) use CAPITAL letters? A: no. why is that so essential. i use periods to end sentences, why do you need a capital letter to see that a new sentence is starting. that would be redundant
4) have you heard of the ENTER key? A: yes. but if i used the ENTER key then my right pinky would get much stronger than my left, since i wont use CAPS
5) provide categories so i can filter out the offensive stuff? A: i do need to add that feature
6) provide categories so i can filter out the nerdy stuff? A: see #5
7) your permalinks are broken? A: yes, its a problem with my XSLT. will fix that when i get access to my server
8) why no ping/trackbacks? A: might implement that as well. then i could see how very few people have the balls to link here. that is, after i fix the permalinks
9) why dont you just use a standard blog engine? A: to keep some web development skills
10) why arent you linked from MSDN? A: dont you see WARNING at the top of the blog?
11) why does my company's proxy block your site? A: see # 10