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DesktopWeb FormText   the love muscleTue, 22 Jun 2004 04:02:33 GMT # 

this officially ends the 'brawn' series of posts. figured i would end with a bang ...

working out has sexual benefits. the 1st is getting in shape so that others will want to have sex with you. more self confidence, etc, etc. 2nd, it can help you perform better. i think the best exercise is squat, for multiple reasons. it is a whole body exercise that works out your entire body. this means increased blood flow and cardio benefits. think increased blood flow is what viagra and derivatives do? it also makes your body release testosterone. something about crushing your body with weights will do that! if you notice in your gym, the guys that squat will typically be the strongest on bench press too. but you wont see many people squatting, because it is a very difficult lift. you'll want to go parallel to get the most benefits. if you dont squat very low, you will mostly use your quadriceps, which has little benefit. if you get low, your quads are taken out of the picture and the hamstrings kick in. this is where you get thrusting power :) actually, the real benefit is kegel strength. could go into gory detail, but i'll spare you ... and you can do your own google search to find the benefits of having a strong kegel. going below parallel is really tough, but is hard on the knees. squat is the best, but the other leg exercises will help too. other good ones are the leg abductor and adductor machines. you know what i'm talking about. these are the machines that have a girl lifting weights with her legs spread-eagled. usually a scene in old cheesy late night movies. also called the pussy tighteners. for guys, they are kegel strengthening machines. most gyms offer these machines so that you can do these exercises with your knees bent. this feels much more masculine than the straight legged variety. you just have to get past the misconception of them being girl-only machines. the funny thing is that most guys that lift do not workout their legs at all, and most girls only workout their legs. total gym segregation. so that is another reason for guys to workout their legs ... to be in the same vicinity as the girls in the 1st place.