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DesktopWeb FormText   ohio rest stopsThu, 24 Jun 2004 16:10:07 GMT # 

made it to Milwaukee last night after 13 hours of driving. made 2 rest stops in Ohio, with stories following:

stopped at the 1st one to eat. went outside to the patio where it was a little windy. a big gust blew my trash away which i retrieved and threw away. sat back down and an older man came up and said 'I admire you.' ran through my head in what i could be admired for ... saving the environment, relative youth, rugged good looks :) my reply, 'what?' he says, 'you were praying, weren't you?' he must of thought that i was blessing my food when i put my head down to rub my eyes, because they were road weary. my answer, 'hell no.' then i left

second stop was for ice cream! older guy in front of me turns around and says 'remember about saying the pledge of allegience in schools?' all i could think about was how i remember not to talk to strangers. my answer, 'yes.' old man shows me his money, 'look right here, it says: in god we trust. first time i noticed that.' had already noticed this, and replied, 'we better reprint all the money.' then i proceeded to pay with my secular debit card, 'in visa we trust'