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DesktopWeb FormText, MACTripleDES, Fuzzy LogicTue, 20 Jul 2004 16:15:44 GMT # 

cool ... my WSE 2.0 stuff for OpenNETCF 1.2 made the i really need to get the associated article online (about how to use it), err, umm ... but i broke my server and cannot upload files. whoops :) i wont be able to fix it for a couple weeks.
doing a little more cleanup on the extended crypto lib for CF. i stopped relying on the CryptoAPI for MACTripleDES, which seems to have a bug on CE, and just did the MAC myself. ended up being really simple, so that is working now. still need to take another cut at PasswordDeriveBytes.
found a series of articles on fuzzy logic by pseudonym67 on (he also has some on neural networks). i've been looking at those, as well as reading some other AI books.