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DesktopWeb FormText   thAnking-out-loudTue, 20 Jul 2004 16:39:47 GMT # 

word up to Jef, aka thinking-out-loud. i got to work with Jef early in my career (when i was incompetent). he probably does not even know it, but he gave me advice on my very 1st side project ( to use ASP instead of JSP. that was the flex point that led me away from java web development, and ultimately helped me to jump into ASP.NET. next, when i use 'err, umm' in text ... i entirely stole that from him. also, he was the 1st person i met that did not watch TV, which i adopted too. finally, he is the 1st developer i met BB (before blogs) to start blogging AB (after blogs). Thanks Jef.
still waiting for another Jef(rem), who mentored me early on, to start blogging ...