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DesktopWeb FormText   spider trainingSun, 25 Jul 2004 18:01:07 GMT # 

i've been mostly training my web spider by giving it negative reinforcement. e.g. if it gets a movie i dont like, then i set a flag that this was bad. this technique has been working ... but it is slow. just a couple days ago i took a different approach, and i added positive reinforcement, to steer it towards good content. now the spider gets so lost in good content, that it hardly picks up any bad stuff at all. this has been working so well, that i even took the 'training wheels' off. meaning i had been purposefully limiting the scope of the spider ... so as to not take up all my time training it. i would basically only let it get 100 movies each time, of which about 25% would be bad. now it has been getting about 1500 daily, and only about 1% are bad. i'm wondering if i even need to train it anymore?