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DesktopWeb FormText   SOA (or SOL) for DevicesMon, 26 Jul 2004 16:13:34 GMT # 

this thread on Don Box's wiki is worth noting. Scoble linked it. my thought is that the device guys are on their own for a while to do WS-* support (on any platform). once we see more web services (on servers) start using the WS-* specs, then the need will trickle down to devices. and now try to name off some public web services using WS-* specs. i can think of one: the web service, which provides no real value in its current state, and only uses 1 small piece of WS-Security (WSE 1.0). i dont NEED that web service for my device. now the MapPoint web service is compelling for devices ... but WSE isnt being used. it looks like the Pocket IE Speech add-in does web services to Speech Sever 2004 as well ... but no WSE. so this is me calling Microsoft out that they are not adequately 'dog fooding' WS-*. and bring back HailStorm ... couldn't resist :) [segue] it is interesting that out of my WS-* implementations for the Compact Framework, the only one that really gets used is WS-Attachments. this is funny since DIME will be deprecated for MTOM. i've only been asked once (over the last year) about the WS-Security stack ... which does do XML-DSIG and XML-ENC. [segue] actually ... maybe some competition will speed up adoption too: Nokia's big plan to beat .Net CF in mobile Web services