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DesktopWeb FormText   Speech Server cry for helpMon, 26 Jul 2004 19:39:43 GMT # 

alright ... Speech Server is kicking me square in the balls right now. how in the world do i get my deployed Speech SDK app to work with Speech Server? i'm going through the docs and not finding them particularly helpful for the Pocket PC PIE Speech add-in scenario. i'm using the SES only, and not TAS ... so this should be pretty simple :( i've posted my current questions to the newsgroup: microsoft.public.netspeechsdk ... and now i'm holding my breath (because i'm basically stuck)

also, when i run the SpeechMaps sample from the desktop IE with Speech add-in, why do i get prompted to trust the Speech Server. the desktop is powerful enough to do all Speech Reco and TTS locally ... why is it going to the Speech Server at all? shouldn't it only be going to the speech app web server?