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just announcing the latest articles:

/cfWSE2 shows how to call almost all of the WSE 2.0 samples from the Compact Framework (sample code included). you will need to look at the code, since the programming model does not match WSE

/cfAES is an enhanced crypto library for the Compact Framework. it includes all of the algorithms for the full .NET Framework v1.1 ... plus the current Whidbey Beta 1. AES is particularly useful for /cfWSE2 above. all you have to do is include the library, add a '#if AES' directive, and you can use this library to call WSE 2.0 using the default symmetric alrgorithm of AES (instead of having to change it to TripleDES)

/speechMulti is about Speech Server 2004 for doing speech recognition and text-to-speech on your Pocket PC with the Pocket IE Speech Add-in. plus a walkthough using the Speech SDK. also goes over how you can wrap it with the Compact Framework to provide SR and TTS within your CF applications

/cfBCL are the results of comparing the assemblies of Compact Framework v1 to CF v2 in Whidbey Beta 1. quickly shows the new namespaces, types, and methods. also breaking changes, and what is unique to CF (not on the desktop)

[off topic] the video page has alot of new links too