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DesktopWeb FormText   waiting for Tablet SDK .nextSat, 07 Aug 2004 16:41:09 GMT # 

now that SP2 is out the door, Tablet PCs become more respectable. SP2 significantly increases the usability of Tablet PCs, by upgrading them to Tablet PC 2004. my chicken scratch print made the original flavor of the Tablet PC basically unusable for me. it was way too frustrating and part of the reason why i haven't been developing with it recently (used to be a Tablet MVP). i have been running an alpha of Tablet 2004 though, and it is MUCH MUCH better. so if you have a Tablet now, get SP2 ASAP. and if you tried out a Tablet in the past, and passed, then you should give them another try.

now what we need is the next version of the Tablet SDK to come out. it has been in the works, so i'm hoping it is released shortly. once that happens ... expect to see a number of new ink-enabled blogs