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DesktopWeb FormText   SP2 experiencesMon, 09 Aug 2004 16:52:07 GMT # 

i've installed on 6 boxes without a glitch: 2 XP Homes, 3 Tablets, and 1 XP Pro. used the same 400+ meg download from the MSDN subscription for each

my only complaint is on the XP Pro box. i'd been using it over wireless-G to a Microsoft MN-700 access point; except it has gotten noticably slower. just updated the MN-700 firmware ... no improvement. reset the access point ... still slow. going to have to wire this box and see if it improves. also need to unwire some of the other boxes and see how they do.

finally, anybody know what \Windows\System32\DrvrSrvcDll.exe is? SP2 is asking if i want to unblock it ... and i dont know ...