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DesktopWeb FormText   blowing off steam: MLSWed, 25 Aug 2004 00:51:06 GMT # 

borrowing a word i picked up from Sam Gentile ... FRICTION! i've been trying to get MapPoint Location Server installed off and on for the 2 weeks. this has got to be the most frustrating install i've attempted in years. the Tablet/Speech article i just put out was mainly just a ploy to take my mind off of this. it is a constant beating of starting an install, getting an error dialog, looking at the docs and knowledge base articles, fiddling with your server, and then attempting the install again ... to either get the same error dialog, or a new one. dont get me wrong, there are installation docs; they just have some holes, or point to KB articles that are only relevant to a degree. from the developers perspective ... i just want to get this thing working so i can develop against it. i do not want to setup Active Directory, DNS, Groups, Users, Certificate Services, SSL certificates. could not care less about the security on my LAN. if you do require all that, give me an installation walk-through. something so point and click stupid that a monkey like myself can do it. then i could spend my time playing with the API. there is a newsgroup for it, and i can see that other people have successfully installed it ... i hate those people :) there are also alot of installation questions :(